MŁODE DJEMBE (“Young Djembe”) Drum Band was founded in 2007.

This is a group of people whose passion is the art of playing drums and percussion instruments and who are keen on percussion music, rhythm and the mystical magic of drums. Młode Djembe was founded in April 2007 as an outcome of the drum workshops run by Agnieszka Kołczewska (musician, percussionist and culture animator: agabum.pl).

The band plays various rhythms: African, Asian, Cuban, using a variety of drums, mostly djembe, conga, darbuka, bongos, as well as percussion instruments: maraca, quiro, cabasa, barcheims, cymbals, cow-bell, vibra-slap, triangle, African whistle and rainstick. Rhythmic music is sometimes accompanied by singing – mostly of African ritual songs.

The band’s leading instrument is djembe – an African drum which was also the inspiration behind the group’s name. The group draws on the African, Asian, Cuban and Brazilian percussion and drum music, but also uses elements of rock, jazz, reggae and folk music. (Armando Peraza, Alex Aqunia, Nippy Noya, Dudu Tutzi, Guema, Zaka, Salif Keita, Zakir Hussein, Trilok Gurtu are just a few of the eminent musicians the group is inspired by). The musicians of Młode Djembe have a lot of inspirations, ideas, passions and creative determination. They try to arrange music in their own unique way. The band has already played many significant concerts in Poland and has participated in numerous musical projects and concerts in Lublin and nearby, including:
– concert during a philosophical debate “Who is Free…” at Maria Curie-Skłodowska University (MCSU) in Lublin;
– concert for environment “Let Us Clean Up Lublin” at the MCSU campus;
– concert during a competition promoting Lublin as a city of numerous universities and the most interesting place for higher education studies – at Litewski Square in Lublin;
– concert during the 18th International Folk Music Festival “Mikołajki Folkowe”, at the Main Concert of the Festival – Academic Culture Centre of MCSU “Chatka Żaka”, Lublin 2008;
– concert during the “Night of Culture” in Lublin, 2009 – “Night with Africa” 2009;
– concert at a conference of the Scientific Association of Music Students at the Faculty of Arts of MCSU – “Multiculturalism in Poland – Music, Customs, Perspectives”;
– concerts during “MCSU Open Days” in 2010, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2019;
– concert at “3,2,1… Chatka Żaka” 2010”;
– club concert in CAX MAFE, April 2011;
– “May Picnic in Zawieprzyce” 2011;
– concert opening the exhibition of Batik and Tanga-Tanga of the “Benu” Foundation for Help to Africa, June 2011;
– concerts accompanying exhibitions and happenings in Lublin (e.g. at student art exhibitions organized in “Chatka Żaka” Culture Centre by the Art Studio and the Visual Art Space);
– concerts in the Hospice and the Children’s Oncology Hospital in Lublin, March 2012;
– charity concert for a sick child: “For Marcinek” – Graffiti Club, May 2012;
– concert at the beginning of the canoeing season in Jaszczów – May 2012;
– concert on the 50th anniversary of the Academic Culture Centre of MCSU “Chatka Żaka”, 2015;
– various concerts for children and young people: e.g. with autism or hearing-impaired;
– concerts in the cycle “Let Us Sway On Stage” in “Chatka Żaka” Culture Centre, 2014, 2016;
– “Night of the Universities” – the square at the monument of Maria Curie-Skłodowska, MCSU in Lublin, 2014;
– “MCSU Open Days” in Puławy, 2015;
– charity concert: “For Koba” to help rebuild the burned roof, Lublin;
– Midsummer Night concert in Piaseczno, 2015;
– concert at the jubilee Solidarity Run, 2016;
– concert during the opening of Beata Kozidrak’s tour “Beata Exclusive”, the Centre for the Meeting of Cultures, Lublin 2017;
– jubilee concert on the 10th anniversary of Młode Djembe – May 2017;
– concert on the 100th anniversary of Poland’s independence “In the Rhythm of the World’s Freedom”, Lublin 2018;
– concert during the Christmas Meeting of International Students “Christmas Party 2018”;
– concert against slavery and human trafficking in Africa “Free/Non-Free”, the Voiovodeship Office in Lublin, 2019;

Furthermore, the band co-organizes the Festival of Artistic Skills Workshops, with 9 editions so far (every November since 2010) in the Academic Culture Centre of MCSU “Chatka Żaka” in Lublin.

In 2017 Młode Djembe received a jubilee award on its 10th anniversary from the Mayor of the City of Lublin: “For active popularization of music culture in our city, especially for promotion of the art of playing drums and percussion instruments.”

The band cooperates with various music groups and artists from Poland and abroad, e.g. with Nolwazi Zena Mhodi, an African dancer from Zimbabwe.
Młode Djembe is based in the Academic Culture Centre of Maria Curie-Skłodowska University “Chatka Żaka” in Lublin.

MŁODE DJEMBE has recorded two CDs:
– DEMO/RYTMY, 2011
– NA 100, 2019